Samadhi Philosophy

We all should know or at least remind ourselves daily of our purpose and how to act positively in people’s lives.

Thus, we created the Samadhi philosophy, which is nothing more than guidelines that help us to remember why our brand exists, what moves and inspires us and how we stand for what we believe.

Our purpose

If we are asked what our missionis, the answer will be very simple:to produce organic teas and infusions, with an authentic and natural flavour and aroma, from the purest leaves.
By opting for sustainable practices, we are not only contributing to the good of nature, but also to the preservation of the natural essence of the tea plant, so that its quality remains intact.
That is why our team is dedicated, body and soul, to bring the incredible variety of flavors of the most aromatic leaves, fruits, petals and spice to all tea lovers, providing moments of full harmony and complementing the well-being.

The 3 Samadhi Pillars

There are three principles that guide our entire project, which we have not given up and which we want to define our essence.

1. Truth above all

By choosing truth, we knew it would entail a lot of daily responsibility and commitment to our community. And that’s why we are mentioning it in here.
Because we want to be and offer exactly what is expected of us: 100% organic teas.

2. Respect for nature

This planet is our home, as well as the home of thousands of other living beings. We all have the right to live in it. But we also have the duty to cherish and respect it. We have the power to make the difference and we want to play an active role in reducing our environmental footprint.
Therefore, Samadhi priority is to ensure that the production of tea is free of pesticides, herbicides or other harmful chemicals to the nature.

3. Body, Mind and Soul

When we idealize our teas and infusions, we wanted to help people find their inner peace, to connect with their true selves. We don’t want tea to be simply tea, but a moment of peace, serenity and well-being.

We want our tea to inspire us daily to be more positive, with ourselves and with the world around us, providing us with the ideal balance for a fuller and happier life.

About Us

Samadhi helps us to improve our life quality. Life quality does not depend on external development or material progress, but on inner development, where we can achieve spiritual peace and find the way to happiness.