BIO Detox Tea: 21 day program
BIO Detox Tea: 21 day program
BIO Detox Tea: 21 day program
BIO Detox Tea: 21 day program

BIO Detox Tea: 21 day program

Weight: 150g, Portions: 21

✔ 100% BIO
    Rich in nutrients and free from harmful chemical residues.

✔ Accelerates metabolism
    Activates and accelerates the body's normal functioning.

✔ Detoxifies the body
    Eliminates excess fluids and toxins that are harmful to the body.

✔ Eliminates swelling
    Combats fluid retention.

✔Reduces belly fat
    Helps fight stomach bloating.

✔ Achieve your desired figure with the best of nature
    With the help of our 100% organic products, you can achieve the body you want.

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What is the effect of Detox Tea?

Fights fluid retention

Accelerates metabolism

Detoxifies the body

Discover the 5 Exclusive Benefits

Take a step towards a more balanced life with our exclusive Detox Tea, a fusion of premium ingredients carefully selected to boost your well-being. Each ingredient has been chosen to offer unrivalled benefits. Discover why our Detox Tea is a must-have:

1. Deep Cleansing: The herbs in the tea, such as Pu-erh and Nettle, promote deep detoxification, helping your body to eliminate impurities and revitalise itself from the inside out.

2. Invigorating effect: The combination of Guarana and Green Tea offers a revitalising energy boost, providing vitality and endurance throughout the day.

3. Natural Purification: Enjoy Cinnamon, Clove and Cardamom, ingredients that not only add a delicious flavour, but also help to naturally purify the body.

4. Light Digestion: Prince's Wort and Fennel Seed work in harmony to support digestion, providing relief and comfort after meals.

5. Renewed Balance: Yerba mate helps to balance your body, offering a relaxing break and contributing to a state of inner harmony.

About Detox Tea:


Green tea, lemongrass, guarana, rooibos, pu-erth, cinnamon, orange peel, rosehip husk, fennel seeds, hawthorn, pink pepper, yerba mate, clove flower, cardamom, nettle, coriander, thyme, fenugreek.*

*From organic farming.

How to prepare:

1. Add 5g of infusion, add 400-500ml of boiling water and rest for 5-7 minutes.

2. Drink half the tea (250ml) 30 minutes before breakfast, and the other half drink 30 minutes before breakfast.


5 – 7 min.


How does it work?

After the detox programme, many people report feeling more energised, with improved digestion and less bloating. However, results can vary from person to person.

Detox tea can be part of a healthy weight loss plan, helping to eliminate toxins and, in some cases, helping to reduce bloating. However, it is important to adopt balanced eating habits and exercise regularly.

In addition to drinking detox tea, the best way to detoxify the body involves eating a diet rich in nutrients, drinking plenty of water, exercising regularly and cutting down on processed and harmful foods.

The duration of detox tea intake can vary. Some people opt for shorter programmes, while others prefer to integrate detox tea into their daily routine over the long term.

Yes, some of the ingredients in detox tea, such as diuretic herbs, can help reduce fluid retention, contributing to a feeling of lightness and reducing bloating.

How to use it?

Add 5g of infusion, add 400-500ml of boiling water and rest for 5-7 minutes. Drink half the tea (250ml) 30 minutes before breakfast, and the other half drink 30 minutes before breakfast.

We recommend drinking Detox Tea until midday, not in the evening. This is the best way to consume the tea, as it contains caffeine-containing herbs that can influence the quality of sleep at night.

There are no specific dietary restrictions before or after consuming Detox Tea. However, it is important to remember that Detox Tea is often included in healthy and balanced diets. Some people choose to follow a diet that includes fresh, nutrient-rich foods and avoid excessive consumption of processed foods, sugars and saturated fats to maximise the benefits of the tea.

It is not recommended to add other ingredients to the tea, as the specific instructions indicate a complete composition to optimise its effectiveness. Modifications can interfere with the intended benefits, so you should follow the instructions provided to ensure an effective experience.

21-Day Detox Tea: Unleash Your Best Version - Slim down and speed up your metabolism!

Detox Tea, a fusion of carefully combined natural elements, offers an invigorating wellness experience as part of a 21-day plan. By integrating this tea into your daily routine over 21 days, you can enjoy not only the flavour, but also the benefits of a drink that aims to cleanse the body, increase natural energy and contribute to balance.

Organic Teas: A Choice for the Health of the Body and the Planet

The choice between organic and conventional tea goes beyond flavour - it has direct implications for your health and the well-being of the planet. Choosing organic tea means making a conscious choice in favour of your health and the environment.

Health Benefits

No Chemical Residues: Organic tea is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides, ensuring that your tea is free from harmful chemical residues. This not only preserves the quality of the tea, but also reduces the consumer's exposure to harmful substances.

Preserved Nutrients: The organic farming process respects the integrity of the soil, resulting in nutrient-rich teas. Organic teas tend to better preserve vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, contributing to a more nutritious and health-enhancing experience.

Pure and Authentic Flavour: Organic farming emphasises natural methods, which translates into teas with more authentic and pure flavours. This emphasises not only the taste experience, but also the quality of the ingredients.

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