100% Organic Green Tea Mango Moringa

This tea results from the combination of Sencha green tea, known for its slightly bitter taste, and Moringa, a plant native to India with a sweetish touch, which has a pleasant taste and numerous health benefits. Blended with mango and nettle, it has a fruity and quite refreshing flavour. This is the ideal fresh tea for the hot summer days, or served hot, to warm up the cold days of winter.

100g Can
100gr Tea bag
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Chá Verde Gunpowder Samadhi

About the Infusion:


Sencha Green Tea, Moringa, Mango, Chamomile, Nettle and Matcha

Organic Certificate for the Green Tea Mango Moringa

Theine Level




1. Place 4 to 5 teaspoons per litre of water in a glass or porcelain pot.
2. Pour 1 litre of boiling water over it.
3. Keep the infusion for the recommended time.
4. Strain and drink hot or cold.


75 °C

Infusion Time

2 – 3 min.